"Short of gluing a stylus to your finger, this is definitely the best option for...high activity environments."
 The New York Times
"...fingertip flexibility with the precision of a writing instrument."
 Investor's Business Daily
"The device's stylus tip is compatible with all touch-screen devices."
 US News & World Report
"The Stinger comes in a rainbow of colors, and its tiny size makes it easy to store and carry."
 Inventor's Digest
"Like honey to bees, the adjustable finger 'stinger' stylus is attracting swarms of attention from hand held computer users across the nation."
 Dave's PDA Place
"It works extremely smoothly on the screen and you can keep control of it easily."
"The Stinger not only eases hand strain, stores effortlessly, and comes in a variety of colors..."
 ABC News Radio - Cybershake Broadcast
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"...we highly recommend the Stinger for extensive data entry and for PDA users who regularly experience hand fatigue gripping the wand stylus."
"The Stinger is a great replacement/backup/travel stylus that should work for just about anyone that has ever used their finger to write on their PDA screen!"
"If you’re using the Stinger you might never be stuck without a stylus again."
"...I have found that I can enter information into my Palm with great ease and comfort -- As a matter of fact, this review has primarily been written on my Palm Vx with my Stinger Stylus."
 Visor Central
"Having the Stylus at the tip of ones fingertips gives you ease of use and accuracy when tapping on the touch screen."
 Capital District Palm User Group
"...Orbit Industries has improved upon the world's oldest and most effective pointing device in what is most surely the next step in human evolution."
 Palm Gear